You've probably all heard of & Other Stories, the younger sister of H&M, COS, Weekday, Monki and Cheap Monday. They've just opened their first store in London. This summer I'm probably going to London, so you can guess what I'll do then. Paris, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Berlin and Stockholm will follow after London. Unfortunately not one in the Netherlands, but fortunately their website is online now as well.
Their collection is based on four themes: contradiction & minimalist, sophisticated & architectural, poetic & dandy, industrial.
The problem with these themes is that they're quite basic, they don't use many colours. Therefore clothes will soon look boring. Well, that's what I found about the 'ready-to-wear' collection. There were some awesome pieces of course, but overall the 'ready-to-wear' collection disappointed me a bit.
On the contrary I'm in LOVE with their bags, jewellery and especially their shoe collection. They all have this special thing. I can't describe exactly what.
A made a top-five of the things in my shopping bag, and that wasn't easy, there were far too many things in my shopping bag.

Abigail Lorick Oxfords

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Oh my word...I have no words for this. These shoes are by far my most favourite item on the webshop.
I want I want I want I want I want..

Contrast knit dress

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This dress is actually really simple. Just black with a few lines, minimalistic. The typical style of & Other Stories. I like it.

Cat-eye sunglasses

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The sunglasses collection is amazing. Actually I love all of the sunglasses from & Other Stories. This one is my favourite, because of the colours, mint and brown, (I love them both and especially the combination) and the retro looking model.

Brass Ring

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Just a silver ring. But that shape, woooow.

Open ankle boot

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And again it's all about shape and lines. Special but simple.

There's only one thing left that I wanted to say: it's free shipping, wooop woooop!
Hello & Ohter Stories order, bye money!

What do you think about the collection of & Other Stories? Are you going to order something?

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