At first I wish you all a fantastic new year! A new year means new intentions. To be honest I don’t have a list with new intentions. I’m content with the things I have. Though I have one intention which I have had for months now: starting a blog! So I thought let’s start that blog now and my intentions for 2013 are done! I couldn’t start 2013 in a better way!

I will tell you little bit about myself, just a little bit. One of my hobbies is staying behind the camera. But I even like more to stay before the camera, though this sounds a bit selfisch haha! You could say I’m a part time model. Another hobby of mine is cooking and baking, especially sweet things. Further I play piano and jog. Last but not least I love fashion. My interest is growing bigger and bigger. I find it really hard to describe my style, as it is still in its development. But there are a few things I know for sure: it is feminine, vintage and a bit chic. In my blog I will combine all my interests, primarily photography and fashion. If you want to know more about me, you can ask me a question any time.
Enjoy my blog!

A picture of me, by Ruben Schuurhuis

PS. The girl with the heels is on facebook, twitter and instagram. Check it out!

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