I love the way my trousers and heels a bit camouflage-like with this background. In this way my neon blazer looks even more neon. And, no, I didn't feel like wearing a coat again, though it's -10 degrees. Ouch..I felt that. It was so cold that it actually hurt me. And after making this pictures I had to cycle all the way home again for twenty minutes. When I came home I literally had to cry. And I have to say that felt quite okay, because tears are warm..
So I'm still looking at gloves which are warm, also when it is freezing like the ice age has started again. I don't even mind what they look like. I've tried everything. And then I mean everyting. Once I wore four pair of gloves one over another. And I had to ask somebody else to put them on, because I couldn't do it myself anymore.

Neon blazer H&M - Necklace Zara - Blouse (without sleeves) Monki - Trousers Brandy Melville - Shoes H&M



Maybe you've already heard about the Liebster Award. It is a way to discover new and upcoming blogs. And I've already discovered new blogs by this concept, so it works! I like the idea, so I'm in, thanks to Hopeless Wanderer!

The rules
  • List 11 facts about yourself (I'm not goining to do this though)
  • Answer the eleven questions given to you
  • Ask eleven new questions for the bloggers you nominate for the award
  • Choose nine bloggers with 200 or less followers to nominate
  • Go to each bloggers page and let them know about the award
  • Thank te person who nominated you and link back to their blog 

Answers to the questions from Hopeless Wanderer
  • Since when have you started blogging? About three weeks ago now.
  • Which city is your favourite city and why? Amsterdam! I've been to many cities, like London, Paris, Chicago, New York. All really impressive cities, but I like Amsterdam the most. It's hard to explain why. I think because it is big, but still cute and cozy.
  • Do you watch series, if yes, which one(s)? I'm not a tv-type. I watch tv once a week and then I watch Dutch series like 'Wie is de Mol?'. It is a very tactical game, that's what I like about it. But my favourite serie ever, which isn't on tv anymore (unfortunately..), is Sex and the city!
  • I you were an animal, which one would you be? Hmm, I think I would be a bird, because then I could see the world from above.
  • What is your favourite band? I don't have one. I don't listen that often to music. But a few bands I like are Foster the People, Chef'special and Adele (but she is not a band, haha).
  • Which season do you prefer: Autumn, winter, summer or spring? I love the changeover from winter to spring. First the cozy athmosfere of winter and sitting on the couch with hot chocolate, then the warmth of the first sunbeams and the feeling of walking outside without a coat for the first time.
  • What do you think is the most horrible trend this season? Well, horrible is a bit excessively, but I'm not really into bermudas. They're too formless.
  • Where do you get your inspiration for your blog? Magazines, photographs, shopping, my wardrobe and surfing on the internet.
  • Who is your fashion icon? I don't have ONE. But a blogger who really inspires my is This Chick's Got Style.
  • coffee or tea? Tea, definitely! I can drink three teapots an evening.
  • Have you had fun answering these questions? Yes! I like this concept anyway. So I really like to take part of it.

The nine blogs I nominate

Questions from me to the blogs I nominate
  • What is your favourite shop?
  • To which country would you emigrate, if you had to emigrate?
  • Did you ever buy something which you regret now? If yes, what?
  • What do you prefer: reading a book or watching television?
  • What is your favourite perfume?
  • If you had to choose: never wear heels of never wear jewelry?
  • How would you describe your style in three words?
  • Why do you have a blog, just for fun or because you want to make your job of it?
  • What is your favourite kind of flower?
  • What is your top three favourite blogs?
  • What is your favourite runway show of spring/summer 2013?

I hope the nominated blogs will all take part of the Liebster Award! Further I hope you know more about me now and after all I hope you know more blogs now!


My sneaker wedge life story


As you can see, snow has fallen. Although most people hate snow, I adore it. Everything looks so fairy-tale-ish. Love it! I only hate the freeeezing cold, brrrr! Fortunately I have my new coat to keep me warm. I combined it with my new blouse, light blue trousers, pink lips, and sneaker wedges. At first I didn't like sneaker wedges at all. I mean, come on, it are sneakers and heels in one, what's that?! But then I saw these ones and it was love at the first sight. Now I wear them 24/7. They fit so good! I can walk on them the whole day while it feels like I'm wearing flats. I'm sure you will see my sneaker wedges frequently on the blog. What do you think about sneaker wedges?

Coat Zara - Necklace Topshop - Blouse Monki - Trousers Mango - Sneaker wedges River Island



Finally..here it is: the big 'new-in' post! Actually, when I was making this post, I found out that I haven't bought that much. But I felt just so happy with every single piece, that it felt like I bought a whole lot.
You've already seen this bag in this outfit post. I bought it at the Zara in Arnhem, which is quite a miracle, as I rarely manage to find some nice clothing in Arnhem. Especially when there are sales at the Zara (it looks a bit like my room when I don't know what to wear, but hundred times worse). I'm still really happy with the bag. My phone and wallet perfectly fit in it.
I bought this blouse at the Zara as well. Not in Arnhem this time, but in Amsterdam. The Zara in Amsterdam is much cleaner and it has four floors. So it's quite impossible to buy nothing. This blouse catched my eye because of the colours.
By the way, the necklace, which isn't new, is from H&M.
I feel almost ashamed to say that I bought this coat at the Zara AS WELL. I think we can conclude that Zara is one of my favourite shops. You would almost think that I'm a kind of adverter for Zara in cognito. But honestly, I'm not. I haven't bought this coat in Arnhem, nor in Amsterdam. I bought it in Dusseldorf. I was there for the first time and I would love to come back! All the famous shops are there, like Chanel, Burberry, Max Mara and so on. So it is a chic city, good for shopping (if you have lots of money..). 

In the middle of the picture above, you can see my new su├Ęde trousers. The main reason I bought them was because they are so soft! It feels like a wearing my pyjamas, though it doesn't look like. On the picture the trousers looks a bit green, but they are totally black. I bought them at the Mango.

Last but not least, another blouse. You can see me wearing this blouse here. As I already said in that post, it is a beautiful basic.  And I think beautiful basics are always good investments. I bought it, no, not at the Zara, I bought it at the Monki! Also one of my favourite shops! The necklace (not new) is from Topshop.
Literally everything I bought was in the sales. I didn't even do it on purpose haha. I don't mention any prices, but if you want to know them, you can always ask it.
Have a nice sunday!

Source (pictures of the coat from Zara): Zara.com



Hi guys! Sorry, not the promised huge shoplog this time.. School has started again and so has the tests.
Well, while I'm learning about the fact why the whole christmas tree lightning malfunctions when only one of the hundred lights is deffect, you can't read a new blog post of me (apart from this one, but it is so short). Instead, you can read a blog post ABOUT me!
Some streetstylephotographer apoached us when we were making pictures for my last blog post. He is really kind and makes beautiful pictures. His streetstyle blog, on which we are, is called The Viewfinder.Go check it out (click here)! xoxo




This is the last day of my vacation, unfortunately. It has been a vacation with a lot of cozy christmas dinners, fireworks, shopping, photos and sales. Oh I love the sales, I have bought so much. For example the bag I'm wearing above. It is so cute and the format is really good. I will show the the other things I bought in the next post. It will be a huge shoplog!

I've been thinking really long about the title, I just didn't know how to call the thing which I now call cape-coat. The problem is, it looks like a cape, but it has sleeves, so actually it is a coat. So I decided to call it cape-coat. You won't believe it, but I bought this cape-coat long ago at the Primark. The material is very fine and it has a lot of details, like hidden buttons. The only disadvantage is that the sleeves are quite short. So it won't keep me warm.
But in the Netherlands they say: 'Who wants to be beautiful, has to suffer'. And they are quite right, I think.

Earrings - vintage
Cape - Primark
Sweater - Zara
Bag - Zara
Tregging - vintage           
Shoes - Invito

Photography - Irene Ha




Today I went to the Mega Vintage Sale with Sam, Irene and Iris. It is an event, twice a year, where a lot of vintage shops come together and sell their stuff with a lot of discount. This time were Froufrou's, MOD*vintage, 1709, MarieHill vintage, Swinging Chicks, Hiernamaals, Net-A and Q Vadix at the event. I've already bought enough this vacation, so I didn't want to buy anything. It costed a lot of discipline, but I succeeded! Still me and my Canon made a lot of beautiful pictures.

Lots of bisous,
Me and my Canon




And I did it, living in Amsterdam! I stayed with a friend a few days in my sisters apartment who was on vacation. So it felt a bit like our home! Three days full of shopping, making photos and a lot, really a lot of walking. Ouch, my feet hurt! Shopping is really a sport. Of course sometimes we sat down in a restaurant to rest. One of those restaurants was really cute. It was called ‘De taart van m’n tante’. If you are in Amsterdam, you should really visit it! But if you don’t want to eat for the exterior but for the taste, you should go to ‘Wok&zo’. I’ve eaten there the most delicious wok ever!
Let’s come to the outfit, above you’ve already seen it. I bought the blouse I’m wearing the day before at Monki. It was in the sales so it costed only €15,00. A beautiful basic and didn’t have so much blouses.
Hope you enjoyed my first post, an outfit post of course, because that are my favorite kind of posts. 

Necklace - H&M
Blouse - Monki
Coat - Monki
Shorts - Topshop
Bag - vintage
Shoes - H&M

Photography - Irene Ha (she has just started a blog as wel


 At first I wish you all a fantastic new year! A new year means new intentions. To be honest I don’t have a list with new intentions. I’m content with the things I have. Though I have one intention which I have had for months now: starting a blog! So I thought let’s start that blog now and my intentions for 2013 are done! I couldn’t start 2013 in a better way!

I will tell you little bit about myself, just a little bit. One of my hobbies is staying behind the camera. But I even like more to stay before the camera, though this sounds a bit selfisch haha! You could say I’m a part time model. Another hobby of mine is cooking and baking, especially sweet things. Further I play piano and jog. Last but not least I love fashion. My interest is growing bigger and bigger. I find it really hard to describe my style, as it is still in its development. But there are a few things I know for sure: it is feminine, vintage and a bit chic. In my blog I will combine all my interests, primarily photography and fashion. If you want to know more about me, you can ask me a question any time.
Enjoy my blog!

A picture of me, by Ruben Schuurhuis

PS. The girl with the heels is on facebook, twitter and instagram. Check it out!